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Google Cloud Training in Bangalore

Eduleem offers cutting-edge Google Cloud training in Bangalore, catering to both individuals and businesses aiming to harness the power of cloud computing. Led by industry experts, our courses provide practical applications to enhance your skills. Stay ahead in the tech landscape with Eduleem’s Google Cloud Training. Elevate your proficiency and unlock new possibilities with us.

Best Google Cloud Training in Bangalore

Eduleem sets the benchmark for excellence with its leading Google Cloud training in Bangalore. Boasting a state-of-the-art curriculum and seasoned instructors, our program ensures a comprehensive understanding of Google Cloud technologies. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional, Eduleem caters to all proficiency levels, providing hands-on experience and practical insights. Our training goes beyond theory, preparing individuals for real-world challenges in the Google Cloud environment. Choose Eduleem for a transformative learning journey, unlocking a realm of opportunities in cloud computing. Propel your career with the best Google Cloud training in Bangalore, exclusively at Eduleem.

Google Cloud Course

Course Overview

This course will teach you how to design and implement cloud-based solutions on Google Cloud. You will learn about the fundamentals of cloud computing, the Google Cloud platform, and Google Cloud services. You will also gain hands-on experience with Google Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and App Engine. Throughout the program, you will delve into various aspects of Google Cloud, gaining insights into cloud computing fundamentals, the Google Cloud platform, Google Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, App Engine, and other Google Cloud services. By the end of the training, you will be well-prepared to navigate the complexities of Google Cloud and confidently handle the tasks involved in optimizing cloud-based solutions within this platform.

What Will You Learn

With Google Cloud training from Eduleem, you can harness the vast potential of the cloud computing industry, significantly enhancing your prospects for securing a lucrative career. Our AWS training and certification, provided by a renowned institution like ours, open doors to opportunities at leading technology and software firms, both in India and internationally. Eduleem offers real-world use cases to empower your certification journey.

Course Structure

Intended audience
  • IT professionals and developers looking to build, deploy, and manage applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • Businesses and organizations seeking to leverage cloud computing for their infrastructure, data storage, and application hosting needs.
  • Data engineers and analysts interested in using Google Cloud’s data analytics and machine learning services for deriving insights from large datasets.
  • Solution architects designing scalable and cost-effective solutions using Google Cloud services.
  • Students and individuals aspiring to gain expertise in cloud computing and advance their careers in the technology industry.

Before diving into Google Cloud training, it’s helpful to have a foundational understanding of cloud computing concepts. Familiarity with basic networking principles, such as IP addressing and subnetting, can also be beneficial. Additionally, having experience with Linux command-line interfaces and proficiency in scripting languages like Python can facilitate the learning process. While not mandatory, prior experience with other cloud platforms or services may also provide a useful background. Ultimately, a strong willingness to learn and a passion for technology are essential prerequisites for Google Cloud training.

Module 1: Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Infrastructure
  • Using GCP
  • Lab: Console and Cloud Shell
  • Demo: Projects
  • Lab: Infrastructure Preview

Module 2: Virtual Networks

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Projects, Networks, Subnetworks, IP addresses, Routes, Firewall rules
  • Subnetworks for resource management instead of physical network topology
  • Lab: Virtual Networking
  • Lab: Bastion Host

Module 3: Virtual Machines

  • Compute Engine
  • Lab: Creating Virtual Machines
  • Compute options (vCPU and Memory)
  • Images
  • Common Compute Engine actions
  • Lab: Working with Virtual Machines

Module 4: Cloud IAM

  • Organizations, Roles, Members, Service accounts, Cloud IAM best practices
  • Lab: Cloud IAM

Module 5: Data Storage Services

  • Cloud Storage
  • Lab: Cloud Storage
  • Cloud SQL
  • Lab: Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore
  • Lab: Cloud Datastore Cloud Bigtable

Module 6: Resource Management

  • Cloud Resource Manager, Quotas, Labels, Names, Billing
  • Demo: Billing Administration
  • Lab: Examining Billing Data with BigQuery

Module 7: Resource Monitoring

  • Stackdriver, Monitoring
  • Lab: Resource Monitoring (Stackdriver)
  • Logging, Error Reporting, Tracing, Debugging
  • Lab: Error Reporting and Debugging (Stackdriver)

Module 8: Interconnecting Networks

  • Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Lab: Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Cloud Router, Cloud Interconnect, External Peering, Cloud DNS

Module 9: Load Balancing

  • Managed Instance Groups, HTTPS load balancing, Cross-region and content-based load balancing, SSL proxy/TCP proxy load balancing, Network load balancing
  • Lab: VM Automation and Load Balancing

Module 10: Autoscaling

  • Autoscaling, Policies, Configuration
  • Lab: Autoscaling

Module 11: Infrastructure Automation with Google Cloud Platform APIs

  • Infrastructure automation, Images, Metadata, Scripts, Google Cloud API
  • Lab: Google Cloud Platform API Infrastructure Automation

Module 12: Infrastructure Automation with Deployment Manager

  • Deployment Manager, Configuration, Cloud Launcher
  • Lab: Deployment Manager

Module 13: Managed Services

  • Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Dataflow, BigQuery, Cloud Datalab

Module 14: Application Infrastructure Services

  • Cloud Pub/Sub, API Management, Cloud Functions, Cloud Source Repositories, Specialty APIs

Module 15: Application Development Services

  • App Engine

Module 16: Containers

  • Containers, Kubernetes Engine, Container Registry
  • Lab: Kubernetes Load Balancing
  • Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, or Containers on Compute Engine?

Training Courses Review

Eduleem’s Google Cloud training is the best in Bangalore. The teachers, without making things complicated, made learning fun. The labs were like real-life tech adventures, and now I feel like a Google Cloud superhero. Thumbs up for Eduleem!


Learning Google Cloud at Eduleem was easy and fun. Teachers made sure we got it without fancy words. Labs were like Google Cloud adventures. If you’re in Bangalore, Eduleem is where Google Cloud feels like a breeze!


Just finished Google Cloud training at Eduleem, and it was way better than I expected! The teachers made hard stuff seem easy, and the hands-on labs were like solving real-world puzzles. If you’re in Bangalore and want to learn Google Cloud, Eduleem is the place to be!


Students Testimonials

Ali Mahmood AWS Engineer MindTree

I recently completed the Google Cloud course with Eduleem, and I must say, the training quality and the instructor were exceptional. I'm truly grateful to the entire Eduleem team. A special shoutout to Sameer sir for delivering the course on schedule and providing real-world use cases. Highly recommended!

Razi MD Systems Engineer Concentrix

Finished the Google Cloud course at Eduleem, and I'm really impressed! The training was fantastic, and I want to thank the instructor and the entire Eduleem team. A big shoutout to Sameer sir for keeping the course on track and for using real-world examples. It was a great learning experience!

Suprith AWS Engineer IBM

Studying the Google Cloud course at Eduleem was an enriching experience for me. The instructor explained concepts superbly, and the support from the staff was outstanding. I truly appreciated how Eduleem offered unique insights into Google Cloud that I couldn't find elsewhere. Thanks for delivering such engaging and informative sessions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Google Cloud training in Bangalore involves learning about Google's cloud computing platform and its various services. It's essential because it equips individuals and businesses with the skills needed to leverage Google Cloud's powerful tools for building and managing applications, analyzing data, and more.

Anyone interested in cloud computing, including software developers, IT professionals, data engineers, and business leaders, can benefit from Google Cloud training. Whether you're looking to advance your career or enhance your organization's capabilities, Google Cloud training provides valuable skills and knowledge.

Google Cloud training courses cover a wide range of topics, including cloud computing fundamentals, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services such as Compute Engine, BigQuery, and Kubernetes, cloud security, data analytics, machine learning, and more.

While some Google Cloud training courses may have prerequisites such as basic knowledge of cloud computing concepts or programming languages like Python, many introductory courses are designed for beginners with no prior experience.

Google Cloud certification validates your expertise in using Google Cloud services and demonstrates your proficiency to potential employers. It can enhance your career prospects, increase job opportunities, and potentially lead to higher salaries.

Is hands-on experience included in Google Cloud training courses?

Completing Google Cloud training opens up various career opportunities, including cloud architect, cloud engineer, data engineer, machine learning engineer, DevOps engineer, and cloud consultant roles. The demand for skilled Google Cloud professionals is rapidly growing in Bangalore's tech industry.

To enroll in Google Cloud training in Bangalore, you can explore training providers, check course schedules and availability, and register for the program that best suits your learning needs and preferences. Many training providers offer online enrollment options for added convenience.

Some Google Cloud training providers in Bangalore may offer financial assistance options such as scholarships, installment payment plans, or discounts for students, veterans, or individuals facing financial constraints. Be sure to inquire about available assistance when exploring training programs.

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