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Eduleem delivers exceptional DevOps training in Bangalore, catering to both individuals and businesses seeking to unlock the extensive capabilities of streamlined development and operations collaboration. Our leading courses, guided by industry professionals immersed in practical experience, offer hands-on applications to enhance your proficiency. Navigate the dynamic technological terrain proactively with Eduleem’s DevOps Training. Stay at the forefront of innovation and efficiency in software development and IT operations.

Best DevOps Training in Bangalore

Eduleem’s DevOps Training Program will provide you within-depth knowledge of various DevOps tools including Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Grafana. This DevOps Certification course is completely hands-on and designed in a way to help you become a certified practitioner through best practices in Continuous Development, Configuration Management and Continuous Integration, and finally, Continuous Monitoring of software throughout its development life cycle.


Course Overview

DevOps training program offers a thorough introduction to the principles of DevOps methodology. It is meticulously crafted to empower participants with the essential knowledge and skills needed to proficiently develop, deploy, and manage software applications within a DevOps framework. The course encompasses an in-depth exploration of diverse facets within the DevOps landscape, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of this collaborative and efficient approach to software development and operations.

What Will You Learn

The primary objectives of the DevOps training program encompass a comprehensive understanding of DevOps concepts and their practical application within the Microsoft ecosystem. The course places a strong emphasis on key strategies related to version control, compliance, infrastructure security, and continuous integration. Participants will gain proficiency in managing and architecting distributed cloud patterns, configuring build pipelines to facilitate continuous delivery and deployment, and effectively handling application configuration and secrets. The curriculum also covers the implementation of monitoring and feedback mechanisms for ensuring system stability and performance. Participants will learn to monitor service quality using tools such as Azure Monitor and Log Analytics. Additionally, the course delves into the implementation of routing for client-side applications, providing a well-rounded skill set for navigating the DevOps landscape.

Course Structure

Intended audience

This course is intended for:

Anybody working in Operations or Development/Engineering teams can opt for a career in DevOps.To become a DevOps Engineer, you may start your career as a Software Engineer/Developer, System Administrator, Automation Test Engineer, or Operations Manager and then progress to become a Release Manager, DevOps Test Engineer, Automation Expert, and finally a full-fledged DevOps Engineer. The DevOps Engineer Training Online is for those who seek to fast-track their career in the software development industry. People working in the following roles will benefit the most from the DevOps Engineer Course:

  • IT Team Leaders
  • Software Developers
  • Systems Administrators and IT Managers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Solid practical expertise in DevOps administration Proficiency in DevOps development and associated processes
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies
  • Knowledge in designing and implementing DevOps
  • practices leveraging tools and features
  • Understanding of both technological and business strategies
  • Proficient understanding of version control, Agile planning, and application infrastructure.

Overview of DevOps

  • Goal: In this module, you will be introduced to the DevOps environment.

    Objectives: After completing this module, you should be able to:

    • Understand the benefits of DevOps over other software development processes
    • Gain insights into the DevOps environment
    • Get an overview of different DevOps Tools
    • Get a picture of the working of the DevOps Delivery Pipeline


    • Introduction to DevOps
    • Benefits of working in a DevOps environment
    • DevOps Lifecycle
    • DevOps Stages
    • DevOps Delivery Pipeline
    • Version Control with Git

    Goal: In this module, you will gain insights into Source Control Management and learn the functionalities of Git.

    Objectives: After completing this module, you should be able to:

    • Understand Version Control
    • Perform management of files for small as well as large projects
    • Perform various Git commands such as git add, git fetch, git commit, git init, etc.
    • Work with remote repositories


    • Version Control
    • Git Introduction
    • Git Installation
    • Commonly used commands in Git
    • Working with Remote repository

    Hands On:

    • Working with Remote Repository
    • Git Common Commands

Key Highlights

Training Courses Review

I had an amazing learning experience with Eduleem. I’m currently enrolled in the DevOps Certification program at Eduleem, and it is one of the best platforms for anyone aspiring to build a promising career in the field of DevOps. The trainer, Waseem, is dedicated and provides his best. The course is structured with their 100% Placement Guarantee Program.


Training at Eduleem was top-notch, especially with activity-based sessions in DevOps. Instructor Waseem is highly skilled and dedicates 100% effort to resolving all students’ questions. The program is well-structured and accurate. The entire course, under the guidance of Waseem, has been carefully developed.


I studied DevOps from Eduleem, and the best thing about it was the curriculum. It was easy to understand, and the trainer explained the concepts very well.

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Students Testimonials

Sophia AWS Engineer MindTree

My journey through the DevOps course with Eduleem has been nothing short of exceptional. The trainers not only delivered high-quality training but also provided real-world use cases, making the learning experience truly invaluable. A big shoutout to the entire team at Eduleem, and a special thanks to Sameer sir for ensuring the course was completed on time. Grateful for the opportunity

Oliver Systems Engineer Concentrix

I recently finished the DevOps course at Eduleem, and I'm incredibly grateful for the top-notch training. The instructors and the Eduleem team deserve huge credit for their dedication and expertise. The course was well-paced and packed with practical, real-world examples.

Ananya AWS Engineer IBM

My experience with the DevOps course at Eduleem was truly enriching. The instructors did an outstanding job delivering complex concepts, and the support from the staff was exceptional. Eduleem truly stands out for offering insights into DevOps that I couldn't find anywhere else. Thank you for creating such engaging and informative sessions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Eduleem's DevOps training in Bangalore stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, hands-on learning approach, and personalized attention to each student's learning journey. Our program emphasizes practical skills development, real-world application of DevOps principles, and preparation for industry certifications, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped to succeed in their careers.

DevOps is a software development approach that combines development (Dev) and operations (Ops) to streamline the software delivery process. It focuses on collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement, resulting in faster delivery, higher quality, and increased efficiency. DevOps is crucial in the IT industry as it enables organizations to respond rapidly to market changes, deliver value to customers efficiently, and stay competitive in today's dynamic business landscape.
The DevOps training course at Eduleem is designed for individuals with a basic understanding of programming languages, operating systems, and IT concepts. Prior experience in software development, system administration, or IT operations is beneficial but not required. We welcome learners from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about mastering DevOps principles and practices.
Yes, absolutely! Our DevOps training program at Eduleem emphasizes practical, hands-on learning experiences with a wide range of industry-standard tools and technologies. From version control systems like Git to containerization platforms like Docker and orchestration tools like Kubernetes, students gain valuable experience working with the tools commonly used in DevOps environments.

Yes, all our instructors for the DevOps training courses at Eduleem are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the IT industry, particularly in DevOps practices and methodologies. They bring real-world insights, practical expertise, and industry best practices to the classroom, ensuring that students receive high-quality instruction and mentorship throughout their learning journey.

To enroll in the course, you can visit the official Eduleem website or contact their support team for information on registration, course schedules, and other details.

Completing the DevOps training program at Eduleem opens up a wide range of exciting career opportunities in Bangalore's thriving IT industry. Graduates can pursue roles such as DevOps engineer, automation architect, release manager, cloud infrastructure specialist, and more. With the in-demand skills acquired during the training, our students are well-positioned to excel in various sectors and organizations across Bangalore.

Yes, Eduleem is committed to helping students succeed in their careers beyond the classroom. We provide comprehensive placement assistance and career support services to all students enrolled in the DevOps training program. From resume building and interview preparation to job referrals and networking opportunities, we offer tailored support to help our graduates secure rewarding positions in the industry.

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